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Resque Wood Standard Shovel
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Specification of Resque Wood Standard Shovel

Resque Wood Standard Shovel

Shovels are the kind of tools used to dig the soil, plant a variety of plants and move plants from one place to another. This shovel is also a versatile tool so it is very popular among gardeners, landscapers and even farmers.

This shovel tool is made of used drum slabs as well as osrok farming tools. So this tool is relatively light to carry. Spades are divided into three parts, namely the head, the middle, and the handle. At the head of this shaped plate is widened as the main part. In the middle part is a vertical grip handle made of wood. While at the top of the handle / handle of this horizontal triangular shape. On the right and left side is made of drum slab while the part to hold horizontally there is also a warrant of wood.

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